Ancient & Brave

ANCIENT & BRAVE is dedicated to use organic botanicals, innovative nutraceuticals with a focus efficacy, purity and working with ethical suppliers. They blend impactful botanicals, modern nootropics, ketogenic fuels and functional nutraceuticals to create a new generation of blends and supplements which are efficacious, sustainably sourced and easy to use. ANCIENT & BRAVE marries ancestral strategies and promote restorative techniques that encourage the body to naturally rejuvenate.

The founder, Kate Prince, combined her knowledge of formulation with her passion for creating a sustainable business. Her team consists of food scientists, nutritionists, blending experts, industry consultants and creative minds. Together, they share a mutual love of natural wellness, a dedication to ethical business and a mission that ANCIENT & BRAVE will always be a force for good whilst causing as little harm to the planet as possible.


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