About green lane

green lane is specialized in selling high-quality natural cosmetics from international brands. The assortment ranges from creams, hair care to cosmetics, perfumes and teas. Most products are 100% natural, free of parabens, silicones and are cruelty-free. green lane offers a wide range of vegan cosmetic as well. The products are available online at greenlane.ch and in our Zurich Store & Spa. Our professional green lane team not only offers an individual consultation but also numerous cosmetic treatments.

The green lane Story

The idea to sell natural cosmetics products was born in 2014. green lane founder Lara Schurter lived in Italy for a while, where you were even able to find natural cosmetics in the supermarket. At this time in Switzerland, only a select few products were available at health food stores. The image of natural cosmetics wasn’t very appealing. Lara Schurter not only puts a lot of importance on the product’s ingredients but also on textures, fragrances, packaging and design. She was convinced she would inspire many customers in Switzerland with a store for high-quality and aesthetically beautiful natural products.

The company’s name, “green lane” was inspired by a street sign that Lara Schurter discovered during a walk in England. Since then,“take the green lane” has been the company’s motto.

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