JACKS BEAUTY LINE Brush #7 Blending Brush

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High quality, vegan blending brush for eyeshadow and more

Number 7 is the classic blending brush and is ideal for priming the eye with lighter eyeshadow, darkening the eyelid crease and then creating soft transitions between the two color worlds. The soft brush hair is lightly bound – for particularly soft and natural results. This brush is one of Miriam's must-haves for every eye shadow. But not only for this, as the number 7 is a real all-rounder! Professionals also like to use it as a mini-concealer brush!

All brushes by JACKS BEAUTY LINE are unique in color and design. With great attention to detail, each brush was designed by Miriam Jacks herself. All brushes are handmade in Germany and painted individually.

Eyeshadow: Take up a little bit of product with the brush and apply it on your skin. Blend. Voilà!
Concealer: Apply the product wherever need coverage, also suitable for the area under the eyes.