Jacks Beauty Line

Unique brushes for creative make-up

The idea to design her own brush line was already born in 2009, when Miriam Jacks launched her beauty store in Berlin. For about 10 years, Miriam Jacks has been a make-up artist in the beauty world. A colorful paintbrush inspired her to design creative brush sticks for Make-Up brushes. All brushes are produced in close cooperation with the Berlin Association for homeless young people and are handmade. Together with Miriam and her team, the brushes are designed in workshops.

Each brush is unique. They are painted individually with the finest acrylic paint. The quality of the brushes is essential for Miriam. She places great emphasis on the fact that no animals are harmed for the products. The brush is suitable for allergy sufferers, long-lasting, 100% vegan, and easy to clean.


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JACKS BEAUTY LINE Brush 4 Eyebrow Brush
JACKS BEAUTY LINE Brush 15 Lip Brush