L:A Bruket

Skin care that combines innovation and tradition - inspired by the Swedish coast

L:A BRUKET works exclusively with high-quality ingredients that are as natural as possible, providing lasting care for the skin and making it more resilient. Essential oils are at the heart of this special line, which was originally developed for surfers, sailors, and sun worshipers.


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L:A BRUKET No. 069 Hand & Body Wash Lemongrass 450ml
L:A BRUKET No. 094 Hand & Body Wash Sage, Rosemary, Lavender 450ml
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L:A Bruket No 069 Hand and Body Wash Dark Vanilla 450ml
L:A Bruket No 069 Hand and Body Wash Wildrose Vildros 450ml
L:A Bruket No 194 Hand and Body Wash Grapefruit Leaf 450ml
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L:A BRUKET No. 074 Hand and Body Wash Cucumber, Mint Soap