Clean Beauty from Japan

NATURAGLACÉ creates products that nourish and regenerate the skin, refine its texture, and ensure a fresh, beautiful complexion. Carefully selected ingredients provide protection against harmful environmental influences while giving perfect, long-lasting cosmetic results.


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NATURAGLACÉ Skin Balancing Base
NATURAGLACÉ Make-Up Cream Sale priceCHF 42.00
NATURAGLACÉ Liquid Cream Sponge
NATURAGLACÉ Moist Balm Rouge Lipstick
NATURAGLACÉ Pressed Powder
NATURAGLACÉ Pressed Powder Sale priceCHF 49.00
NATURAGLACÉ Pressed Powder – Refill
NATURAGLACÉ Pressed Powder Puff
NATURAGLACÉ Color Control Base - Yellow
NATURAGLACÉ Clear Powder Foundation
NATURAGLACÉ Clear Powder Foundation – Refill
NATURAGLACÉ Powder Foundation Puff
NATURAGLACÉ Shake Cleanser
NATURAGLACÉ Shake Cleanser Sale priceCHF 32.00
NATURAGLACÉ Eyeliner Pencil
NATURAGLACÉ Eyeliner Pencil Sale priceCHF 38.50
NATURAGLACÉ Eyeliner Pencil Cartridge
NATURAGLACÉ Eyebrow Pencil
NATURAGLACÉ Eyebrow Pencil Sale priceCHF 38.50
NATURAGLACÉ Eyebrow Pencil Cartridge