Unique Frangrances, imbued with the Nordic Spirit

ZARKOPERFUME captures the idea of ​​a Nordic-inspired scent in clear Scandinavian design. The basis of each fragrance is the personal aura of a person, their body odor. Only with this as a basis, the entire spectrum of a perfume can be unleashed and a fragrance can be created which is just as individual as every human being. The first and only perfumer of Denmark, Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov: "A perfume is nothing without human skin." The creations of ZARKOPERFUME are handmade and bottled in Denmark.


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ZARKOPERFUME Buddha Wood Sale priceCHF 169.00
Zarko Parfume Youth product shot
ZARKOPERFUME Youth Sale priceCHF 169.00
Zarko Perfume Parfum Pink Molecule 090 09 product shot
Zarko Perfume Oud Couture product shot
ZARKOPERFUME Oud-Couture Sale priceCHF 169.00
Zarko Perfume Molecule 234 38 product shot
ZARKOPERFUME Molecule 234·38 Sale priceCHF 169.00
Zarko Perfume Menage a Trois product shot
ZARKOPERFUME Ménage à trois Sale priceCHF 169.00
Zarko Perfume Parfume Oud Ish product shot
ZARKOPERFUME Oudish Sale priceCHF 169.00
Zarko Perfume Cloud Collection No 1 product shot