Blooming into Spring with Antioxidant-Rich Serums

greenlane Antioxidant-Rich Serums

The gentle spring sunshine is finally creeping its way into our lives again. Although it’s wonderful to feel the warmth on our skin, UV exposure and free radical damage from environmental aggressors can cause signs of premature skin aging.

Antioxidants can be thought of as natural protectors that prevent or delay some types of cell damage. They are crucial for keeping free radicals under control, by stabilizing harmful electrons that would otherwise damage healthy cells.

They are an essential and highly beneficial natural ingredient in clean beauty products. Vitamins A, B (Niacinamide), C and E are a few antioxidants commonly found in skincare products. Olive oil, citrus, green tea, citrus peel and plum are some great natural sources of antioxidants.

Antioxidant-rich serums provide deep nourishment and give our skin readily available nutrients that are needed for replenishing and repairing skin. 

Serums are the best and easiest way to incorporate antioxidants into an existing skincare routine. Greenlane’s founder, Lara Petrig Schurter, explains, “Because the molecules in a serum are so fine, they’re really able to soak into the skin better and deeply nourish the skin.” We are happy to give you in-store advice on the best serum for your specific needs. We have an array of antioxidant-rich serums for you to pick from and add to your spring basket:


Costa Brazil Face Serum.

This serum is especially good for sensitive skin types. It has a light texture with an aloe base, as well as essential vitamins and omegas. It leaves your skin looking dewy, brightened, and visibly firmer.


Kypris Antioxidant Dew:

Everything about this serum is about getting that glow going. It’s an infusion of aloe and sea algae, blended with comfrey, nettle, rosemary, and a bouquet of flowers. It has reached cult status at greenlane, a firm favourite with the team.


Tata Harper Resurfacing Serum

Best to use as a starter serum or for more congested skin, it transforms dullness and uneven skin with the power of AHA’s and DHA’s. This exfoliates and sheds off dead skin cells, leaving you with a healthy glow.


The Organic Pharmacy Duo

This yin yang pair of face gel and serum are a complementary water and lipid formula. This duo is especially good for dryer skins. This super nourishing and plumping formula will leave you with radiating skin.


Linné Botanical Renew Face Serum

With mood-lifting bergamot and soothing Roman chamomile oils,  this deeply-hydrating formula reduces inflammation, the appearance of wrinkles, lessens hyperpigmentation, and improves elasticity.


Holifrog Galilee Antioxidant Dewy Drop

A golden, balmy essence of spring is encapsulated in this serum with apricot, oat, honeysuckle, goji, and orange extracts.  These water-attracting ingredients leave the skin hydrated. It is especially soothing for sensitive skins and perfect for balancing sebum levels.

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