Introducing greenlane x Furtuna Skin

Introducing greenlane x Furtuna Skin

greenlane is introducing the summer collaboration with FURTUNA SKIN. We will be launching a new facial treatment for all you glow-getters as well as two of the brand's latest additions to their line: the Cleansing Oil Balm and the Triple Active Exfoliator, a new favorite here at greenlane, especially for summer.

We were so honored to speak with the brand's founder and CEO, Agatha Relota Luczo, who shared with us the history behind the brand and what makes it so special, as well as some insider information!

Your commitment to sustainability and the land is inspiring. Can you share a bit about the journey of the brand and its conception? 

When my husband Steve was 10 years old, his grandmother told him about the magical land just outside Corleone, where she was born and lived before coming to the United States. She told him stories of the beautiful land and of the natural spring water flowing throughout. 

After hearing her stories, Steve promised his Nona to one day find this land and return it to the family. About fifteen years ago, we embarked on this journey together. After much searching, we discovered a wild plot of land that included the foundation of her tiny home in rubble. We also found an incredible community facing challenges, as very little work was available. We set out to help improve life there and to bring safety and stability to this extraordinary place and its people. We worked to secure over 800+ acres of organic farmland surrounding the little family plot. The land is now known as La Furtuna Estate and is a paradise of more than 12,000 olive trees, 500 unique plants, and 50 medicinal wild herbs. 

With the help of experts like our renowned Chief Scientist Pasquale Marino, we have created sustainable solutions to work the farmland, provide economic stability for a large community, and developed industry- and customer-recognized leading skin care products. 

As an olive oil lover and now sommelier (my mom is Croatian and would use extra virgin olive oil for cooking, healing skin, and treating earaches), I have always known about the benefits of olive oil for the skin and overall health. I knew this magic land could lead to something unique in the beauty industry. Everything on our organic farm is watered by natural spring water, and the soil is rich due to layers of volcanic ash. Over centuries, the plants on our estate have adapted to Sicily's varied climate, forming plant communities and becoming stronger in the process. This means that everything that grows on our land is supercharged with nutrients, which we carefully extract and use in our skincare to power our high-performing skincare. 


What do you think are the main issues surrounding the 'clean' beauty industry, and how is Furtuna Skin different from other brands? 

In the absence of bold regulations, a global standard for sustainably sourced products, or even a concise definition of what sustainable means, it can make a stroll (or scroll!) down the beauty aisle an overwhelming experience. There is also a lot of greenwashing. 

Where Furtuna Skin differs is that we have complete control over every element of our formulations, from sourcing to bottling. We have an in-house team of world-renowned scientists and botanists who are constantly discovering incredible new natural ingredients that offer astounding benefits to the skin and overall health. We employ regenerative farming methods that preserve the potency of our plants while maintaining the utmost respect for our sacred land. To make our ingredients skincare-ready, we also process them using Soundbath® Extraction—a pioneering method harnessed by the pharmaceutical industry that helps preserve the potency and consistency without the more commonly used heat or harsh solvents that are bad for the environment and the body.


Can you explain what 'wildly potent' ingredients are and what they do? 

The purity of our land, the wild foraged method by which we gather our ingredients, and the Soundbath® Extraction Method with which we extract their actives lead to the highest potency of bioactives. These bioactives drive the performance of our products. That's why we call them "Wildly Potent.


Could you share some insider tips or beauty hacks on how to make the most out of one of your favourite products from the range? 

I make my own tinted moisturizer with our Biphase Moisturizing Oil. Just add 2-3 drops to your foundation and apply to improve skin complexion and glow. Thanks to a unique combination of wildly potent actives, it also helps to protect the skin against digital blue light, UV radiation, and urban air pollution. 

I love using our Replenishing Balm as an overnight mask to treat dry skin in the winter and recover from sunburn in the summer. It layers meticulously over a moisturizer and delivers a next day off the charts glow by gently enveloping the skin in a protective, occlusive layer of Soundbath-infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, featuring a unique combination of medicinal herbs that have been used for centuries to heal and rejuvenate suffering or prematurely aging skin. 

I always apply our Face and Eye Serum before my makeup, especially before any event. It's like shapewear for the skin! A concentration of wild-foraged botanicals visibly lifts, reduces the appearance of puffiness, and evens tone while helping to protect against damage and dehydration. 


What can we expect in the future from the brands, any plans you can share? 

We have an incredible new product launching towards the end of the year and will expand into a new category next year. I can't say much more than that, so you'll just have to watch this space! 

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