Eco By Sonya

Healthy & natural Tan

Sometimes, we want a glowy, bronzed tan, but we know sun-tanning can be dangerous, especially without the right protection. And many tanning products are full of harmful ingredients and deliver an unnatural looking result. ECO BY SONYA created a self-tanner that gets you that beautiful tan with all clean and safe ingredients.

Sonya Driver was inspired to create the first all-natural self-tanner when her sister developed a Melanoma and she found no good, natural tanning options on the market. So, after years of development and research, Sonya brought the products to the market herself.


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eco by sonya face tan water product shot
ECO BY SONYA Face Tan Water Sale priceCHF 41.00
Sold out
eco by sonya Tan Applicator Mitt
Sold out
eco by sonya Driver Cacao Tanning Mousse medium dark
eco by sonya Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub
eco by sonya Invisible Tan Self Tanning Creme medium dark
ECO BY SONYA Invisible Tan Sale priceCHF 33.00
eco by sonya Coconut Body Milk product shot
ECO BY SONYA Coconut Body Milk Sale priceCHF 34.00
ECO BY SONYA Hempitan Body Tan Water
eco by sonya Winter Skin Gradual Tanning Moisturizer