Holistic and healing skincare

By aligning quality ingredients with therapeutic vibrational essences, SHEMANA has created a holistic skincare range that can assist on all levels. The Crystal & Wildflower sequence of each products has been chosen specifically for emotional, mental, and spiritual support, then combined with botanical oils and extracts that nourish and nurture the body.


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SHEMANA Heart Activation Mist
SHEMANA Heart Activation Mist Sale priceCHF 39.95
Shemana Dream Therapy Mist product shot
SHEMANA Dream Therapy Mist Sale priceCHF 39.95
Shemana Crystal Cleating Mist product shot
SHEMANA Crystal Clearing Mist Sale priceCHF 39.95
Shemana Savasana Meditation Mist product shot
Shemana Shaman Ritual Mist product shot
SHEMANA Shaman Ritual Mist Sale priceCHF 39.95
SHEMANA Solstice Oat Milk and Healing Herbs
SHEMANA Eclipse Mustard and Magnesium
SHEMANA Hexagon Brass Stand Tibetan Incense Ropes
SHEMANA Hexagon Brass Stand Sale priceCHF 65.00
SHEMANA Bamboo Charcoal Discs product packaging
SHEMANA Bamboo Charcoal Discs Sale priceCHF 16.00
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SHEMANA Palo Santo Box
SHEMANA Palo Santo Box Sale priceCHF 16.00
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Shemana Invoke Perfume Elixir product shot
Shemana Equilibrium Perfume Elixir product shot
SHEMANA Evolve Perfume Elixir