SHEMANA Bamboo Charcoal Discs

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Size: 10 Discs

10 Charcoal discs for burning loose incense

The ancient art of burning aromatic herbs resins and woods on charcoal has been practised for thousands of years as a part of rituals and ceremonies. Premium bamboo charcoal discs are made from natural plant wood and free from toxic chemicals. Other charcoal this can contain chemical additives that burn at a high temperature and pollute the air. This natural wood burns slower so your incense product releases its aroma without scorching the natural oils.

Place charcoal disc on a heatproof dish (for extra insolation put sand or ash in the dish) light the edge of the disc with a taper lighter or candle. Wait until the charcoal is glowing hot and covered with a white ash. This could take about five minutes. Place a pinch of loose incense on top and allowed to smoke and smoulder. Top up with more incense as required.

Burn responsibly: never leave burning charcoal unattended.