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A set of two glass cups for cupping at home

Cupping is an ancient technique dating back thousands of years that was medicinally practiced by the Egyptians, Greeks, and Chinese. By placing the cups on the skin, the cups create a vacuum through suction. They positively impact the skin by promoting blood circulation and cell renewal while also releasing tension. Regular use can improve the skin’s elasticity, leaving it looking fresh, youthful and healthy.

The small cupping glass has a diameter of 1.2 cm, and the larger cupping glass has a diameter of 3.2 cm.

Apply an oil or cream of your choice on clean skin.

1. Begin with your chin and jawline by suctioning the skin with the cup and gently sweeping it in an upward motion.

2. Move the cup along the jawline until you reach your ears.

3. Follow with the cheek area, moving upwards and from the center of your face to the outside.

4. Use the smaller cup for the eye area and sweep around the eye in a circle.

5. Place the cup between your eyebrows and move up until you reach your hairline. Glide the cup along the right and then the left side of the brows using the same movement.

6. Finish by placing the cup on one side of the forehead and gliding it all across the other side.

Always keep cups moving to avoid bruising.

Do not apply too much pressure / suction and repeat every movement around 5 times.

Do not use if your skin is inflamed or suffers from acne or if you take blood thinners.

To keep your cups in the best condition, we recommend washing them after use in warm soapy water.