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Dry Brush for smooth and radiant skin

The GREENLANE Dry Brush is made of fine olive wood and pure natural bristles for the perfect dry brushing experience. The combination of massage and peeling firms the skin, boosts the metabolism, increases blood circulation, reduces cellulite, and stimulates the lymphatic system. In addition, dead skin cells are effectively removed and the skin can better absorb moisture afterwards.

1. In a circular motion or with gentle strokes, always work upwards from the feet, beginning with the front side and then the back side, including the feet, lower legs, knees, and thighs, all the way up to the torso.

2. Follow with the belly area using a gentle circular motion, or stroke.

3. You can do a similar routine for the upper body as with the legs, working towards the heart.

4. Start with the hands, then the arms towards the shoulder.

5. Be very gentle with your neck and décolletage area. Brush from the center outwards to the left and then the right side.

6. Finish by going over your heart in a circular motion to end the dry brushing session.

Dry brush in the morning before taking a cold shower (good for circulation).

Hydrate your skin after your shower with a body oil, cream, or butter.

To keep your brush in the best condition, do not get it wet; simply spray with an antibacterial sanitizer after each use.