HOLISTIC SILK Pure Mulberry Silk Lavender Eye Mask – Navy

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Size: 24cm x 12cm

Silk mask filled with lavender flowers for restful sleep

This ultra-soft mask is made of 100% mulberry silk and lined. The mask is extra large so that it rests on the cheekbones and forehead and not on the sensitive eye area. This also allows it to completely block out any light and give you deeper, more restful sleep. The naturally non-absorbent silk lining actively helps to counteract nighttime wrinkling and dehydration, making the mask ideal for sensitive and mature skin. Recommended by dermatologists as the perfect addition to nighttime skin care. The light scent of real lavender flowers promotes relaxation and sleep.

Comes with soft velvet straps, which allow the mask to be customized and not cut in. Tie once, and then simply put on and take off.

You can occasionally wipe the surface of your eye mask with a damp cloth, or occasionally machine wash it at 30 degrees with a mild detergent.