ILIA BEAUTY C Beyond Triple Serum SPF30

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Size: 30 ml

Color: Tone 01

A stabilized 10% Vitamin C serum with mineral SPF 30 for visibly brighter skin

Vitamin C, mineral SPF, and Niacinamide come together for the first time in a stabilized, water-free sunscreen that delivers supercharged actives at full potency via encapsulation technology. Choose from three translucent tones designed to offset the white cast while boosting the skin’s natural glow.

Shake well to ensure the waterless formula is evenly mixed. Turn the bottle upside down and dispense into hands. Gently pat and smooth C Beyond into skin. Rubbing may cause pilling. Once applied, allow C Beyond to absorb for 60 seconds before applying makeup. C Beyond works best on clean, bare skin, but if your skin needs extra moisture, a simple facial oil can be applied underneath.