UNICSKIN UNICLED Korean Mask Beauty LED Technology

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Highly effective LED light treatment for home use

The UNICLED Korean Mask is a simple and non-invasive way to improve skin health. The device has seven colored light settings, each effective for different problems, for example: red reduces the signs of aging, blue helps against impurities, and green combats pigmentation spots. The first results can be visible after just three treatments, making the skin firmer, fresher, and smoother.

Place the mask on a cleansed face and start the 30-minute treatment by pressing the start button. Apply a serum or moisturizer after the treatment.

Duration of treatment: The severity of the problem to be treated determines the number of sessions. Generally, between 10 and 14 sessions are carried out, 3 times a week. To get the full effect of the treatment, it is recommended to use the mask once a week after completing the first treatment.