WONDER VALLEY Olive & Lotus Exfoliant

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Size: 40g

Face scrub made from botanical powders. Eliminates dead skin cells and leaves the skin soft and radiant.

A nutrient-rich blend of botanical powders activates with the WONDER VALLEY Oil Cleanser to provide a deep yet gentle facial exfoliation to decongest and remove dead skin cells, revealing soft and radiant skin without stripping or disrupting the microbiome. A blend of olive stone, rice, lotus seed, green tea, bamboo and lemon peel fine powders. The beauty of this product is the customizable exfoliation - apply more powder or more pressure for a deeper exfoliation, or less for a gentler cleansing.

Mix the powder with the WONDER VALLY Oil Cleanser. Gently massage the scrub onto the face, neck and cleavage and rinse thoroughly with water. Unisex application for all skin types.