Lymphatic Massage: A Spring-Clean for the Body

Lymphatic Massage: A Spring-Clean for the Body

There’s nothing quite like that fresh feeling when you’ve done a thorough spring-clean after winter. Imagine that same fresh feeling, but in your body. At greenlane, we have a new treatment offering: facial and body lymphatic massages. They help declutter and cleanse your body, re-energize and reset a sluggish system. 

The body has its very own built-in filtration system that is constantly spring-cleaning. A main member of the immune system, the lymphatic system is a string-like collection of lymphatic vessels that are connected to beads of lymph organs and nodes. These organs and nodes filter lymph fluid as it collects throughout the body. Lymph is a clear substance that moves through the vein-like lymph vessels. Lymph contains specialized white blood cells that destroy and remove unwanted substances in the body. For the lymph to move effectively to the nodes and organs, it needs to be pumped through the system. The lymph system does not have its own pump, like a heart. Its motion relies entirely on the body’s movement, breathing, intestinal activity, and muscle action to pump the lymph along and move the toxins out of the body. This means that if these actions aren’t physically happening, the lymph system cannot function properly, allowing for the accumulation of stagnating toxins in the body. 

A lymph system that is not working properly manifests itself as dull, dehydrated skin, and acne infections are also common. Some feelings attributed to a clogged lymphatic system are fatigue, stiffness, muscle and joint pain, fluid retention, bloating, and headaches. Three simple ways to improve the lymph flow in our bodies are through exercise, drinking more water, and lymphatic massage. A lot of the lymph nodes and lymph vessels are found near the skin’s surface, so through gentle massage, the lymphatic system can be stimulated and assisted in moving along waste.

Facial Lymphatic Massage:

The head and neck alone contain over 300 lymph nodes. Through gently massaging targeted areas, this 30-minute massage treatment will remove toxins from the skin and define facial contours, leaving you with a healthy, glowing complexion.

Body Contouring Lymphatic Treatment:

This 50-minute body treatment will help drain excess fluids, reduce puffiness under the skin, and remove waste and toxins. You will feel lighter, energized, and rejuvenated after the treatment. Regular treatment will help reduce cellulite and achieve a tighter, more sculpted silhouette.

Body Lymphatic Treatment with Face Massage:

A combination of the two treatments described above, this 60-minute session leaves the whole body feeling flushed and anew. 

We recommend weekly lymphatic treatments, following a course of 10 sessions. If 9 treatments are purchased, you will receive the 10th session free. 

These are some products that our beauty specialists love to use at home to give the lymphatic system that extra, kind push that it needs:

CORPUS Body Scrub  - an aromatic, gentle body scrub with charcoal to help detox, as well as walnut shells for a highly effective natural exfoliation.

THE ORGANIC PHARMACY Detox Body Oil – a feel-good and good-mood oil that helps with getting the circulation going and is packed with toxin-drawing oils like fennel and juniper. 

GREENLANE Dry Brush – a natural bristled, olive wood brush for dry brushing the skin and really getting the lymph flowing.

WUNDER WORKSHOP Purify Tea - Skin & Lung Tonic – with a powerful herb blend, this tea provides cleansing powers from the inside, leaving you lighter and revitalized.

GREENLANE Obsidian Gua Sha Stone – an obsidian stone with healing properties that is well-suited for the face and body. Use this in combination with an oil to help massage away blockages and increase circulation.

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