The brand «APHINA» previously had the name «AURA». APHINA produces high-quality nutritional supplements for inner beauty.

APHINA creates premium inner beauty products that nourish your beauty from within while connecting your body, mind and soul as your own healthy, vibrant aura. It simplifies your health and wellness journey with unique, comprehensive, and easy-to-take inner beauty products that help you rise to the occasion of your every-day, fast-paced, modern lifestyles.

Avalon Lukacs, Founder of the Canadian wellness brand APHINA, discovered her passion for helping people make clean lifestyle choices while pursuing her MBA. She began mixing supplements herself when she felt unsatisfied and unwell. After years of trying to conceal and treat a myriad of skin issues with every topical product available, she discovered the power of probiotics, adaptogens, and collagen that helped heal her skin from within. This powerful trio shaped the way she dealt with chronic stress, bouts of fatigue, burnout, and various changes as a result of pregnancy.


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