APHINA Omega Glow Drops

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Moisturizes, restores, and protects the skin internally and externally.

The Omega Glow Drops are a rare blend of the purest Seabuckthorn, Goji, and Pomegranate Oil. This dual-purpose beauty elixir not only deeply softens skin and adds an instant glow when applied topically, but it’s true powers reside in the way it nourishes your skin and body for whole body hydration as a daily ingestible supplement.

Take 1/2 teaspoon daily. You can take this straight in a spoon, mixed into yogurt or a smoothie, or mixed with one of our restorative powders.
Ingesting fatty acids on an empty stomach can cause digestive upset based on how our body digests fat, so try taking shortly after a meal.
Use 2 -4 drops and apply to clean skin. Usually after cleansing, toner, or serum, but before moisturizer, SPF, or makeup.

Please note the oil is a bright orange due to the potency of the seabuckthorn fruit and seed oil, which holds all of the nutrients. It does absorb beautifully into the skin; however, take caution with whites within 20 minutes of applying.