APHINA Marine Collagen - Wildberry Hibiscus

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Promotes beautiful, glowing skin and strengthens nails, hair, and joints.

APHINA Collagen is a liquid-elixir formulated with essential amino acids to help rejuvenate skin, hair, nails, and support joints. It also aids in lean muscle gain and the absorption of daily nutrients. With Wildberry & Hibiscus for a subtle and sweet flavor.

All you need is two teaspoons a day (4.5g of hydrolyzed collagen) to mix with a beverage of your choice. You can mix in water, coffee, juice, smoothie, champagne, or even take it straight. Go ahead, get creative.

If you would like to see faster results, such as if your hair is thinning, your joints are hurting, or you are noticing a loss of collagen volume, you can take up to four teaspoons a day (9g of hydrolyzed collagen).